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Video Conferencing for Audience Engagement

We have been working hard in the development kitchen cooking up a few new ways for companies to engage with their audiences.  We have been working with WEBRTC (Real-Time-Communication) within some of our other projects and we thought it could be possibly be a great offering.  FlytrapSMS is currently supplying SMS, Voice, Social, and Email Marketing under one platform.  This provides a one stop shop for marketing, and communicating to your audience.  Live Video feeds are another great for you promote your brand the examples, how-to’s, to just name a few.  We have created a quick demo for you to test drive this technology to show you how it works.  We are really interested in your feedback, and if it would provide any value to your organization or brand.

The demo is only available for Google chrome at this point so don’t forget to join our listing on FlyTrapSMS to stay up to date with the latest on this technology.

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Video Conferencing Demo:  (*Two people required.)

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